Press Release Lorraine Consulting, LLC SAC Award Nomination

Reshoring in a Post COVID World


On October 28th, I’ll be speaking on an excellent panel presented by the Society of the Advancement of Consulting (SAC).

The panel topic is on Reshoring in a post-COVID world.

According to global surveys, executives are not just talking about reshoring; they are taking action. 

Eight expert manufacturing and supply chain thought leaders from around the world will be discussing and debating this topic in a two-part series (I’ll be a panelist for the first event).

Registration is free and you can sign-up right here.

I hope you are able to attend!

Diane L. Garcia

Press Release Lorraine Consulting, LLC SAC Award Nomination

End to End Supply Chains: Our Everyday Superheroes!

Appreciate it or not, supply chains move the world forward.

 “You’re going to make a difference. A lot of times it will not be huge, it will not be visible even. But it will matter just the same.” – James (Commissioner of Gotham City PD) Gordon

After March 2020, perhaps some of you recognized the significance of Supply Chain Management (SCM) in your everyday lives. Did you quickly order PPE, hand sanitizer or TP? Did it arrive at your doorstep? I bet you were relieved to see essential products on your grocer’s shelf week after week in April and May.

The truth is supply chains are undertaking increased levels of responsibility by the day.  Although efforts can seem hidden, this is changing!

With unprecedented demand volatility from a global pandemic and the eye of the public, organizations are working harder than ever to manage service, all while balancing profitability expectations.

As a strategic business enabler, supply chain management is in the spotlight.

Trust me, I can tell.

Today colleagues from all over are reaching out for tips, support, and solutions. Business leaders I support are taking a triple look over their business and supply chain strategies. Even my family debates delivery, customer service, and stockouts on our group text.

My initial response to this whirlwind is to create a newsletter.

To offer dialogue, methods, and ideas on improving processes all while building visibility for our supply chain leaders. Or who I call, “heroes”.

I hope you join Lorraine Consulting’s mailing list and forward this to someone in your network you think it might help!

Those working to provides goods and services everyday may go unseen, but the work matters just the same. Lives this year have quite literally depended on these professionals.

Diane L. Garcia

P.S. I strive to recognize those around me who help me excel. This first article release is dedicated to Michael Tran, Sr. Supply Chain Manager for Curtiss Wright Corporation.

Mike put a level of trust in me that I will forever be grateful for. He promoted me to Materials Manager at age 26. He sent me off to multiple facilities around the country to help transition millions of dollars of product. He even told me what kind of car to purchase.

I applaud Michael Tran for his serene management style and supply chain expertise.

Diane L. Garcia of Lorraine Consulting, LLC, has over 13 years’ experience in manufacturing and supply chain management and is an expert in helping clients improve on their unique operational business processes.  Through the prestigious W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, Diane learned cutting edge supply chain performance optimization knowledge and implements these best practices with manufacturing and distribution companies in North America.  From Fortune 500 companies to sole proprietor businesses, Diane actively participates in the delivery of solutions by assessing current state and thoroughly analyzing client business requirements.