Lorraine Consulting Inc.

Turning around inefficient inventory control


A shift in manufacturing locations disrupted a defense supplier’s stockroom footprint and record keeping.  This led to misplaced product, late customer deliveries and missed sales.

The relocation to the larger site was a decision by company executives to support sustained sales growth and an increase in resources.  However, shortly after the completed move, stockroom personnel struggled to execute a seamless transition.  Inventory accuracy dropped and inabilities to satisfy customer demand soon plagued the business.

The Objective

Leadership required quick solutions to address inaccurate inventory and improve customer service

  • Rapidly implement new stockroom footprint with zero production downtime
  • Immediately improve inventory accuracy
  • Update inventory management processes/procedures


With a new space to manage inventory, the company could strive for more control

  • Automated Cycle Counting
  • 5S organization
  • Ergonomically optimize work space


Partnering with the Materials Management team, we quickly outlined action plans and tracked progress.  Our strategy included:

  • Observing current state & involving all employees in improvement ideas
  • Assessing ERP capabilities & functions for process automation
  • Providing training and detailing standard work


  • Promoted employee safety & ergonomics
  • Increased inventory accuracy to 98%
  • Reduction in part shortages and kitting lead-time by 30%
  • Improved customer satisfaction