Diane L. Garcia, president of Lorraine Consulting Inc., is an expert in supply chain management and helping clients develop their unique, complex supply chain and operational processes.   
Diane serves the APICS Portland board as Director of Company Coordinators.  APICS is a globally recognized leader for Supply Chain Management education and certifications.  Through APICS, Diane earned a Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) certification.

In addition, Diane Garcia is the Pacific Northwest’s SAC Ambassador for The Society for the Advancement of Consulting. Within this global community of top independent consultants, she also collaborates with a group of leading Manufacturing & Supply Chain Consultants to brainstorm and share best practices. She was even nominated in 2020 for the Corrie Shanahan Memorial Awards for Advancing Consulting.

Earning her Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management in 2008 from Arizona State University, Diane also completed her Automotive Entrepreneurs and Leaders Certificate.  Diane’s mechanical aptitude stems from 24 years of technical experience with automotives, even competitively drag racing her 71’ Chevy Chevelle for 7 years.   
Prior to Lorraine Consulting, LLC, Diane demonstrated a proven track record of continuing responsibilities, deep curiosity and success within the Phoenix aerospace manufacturing industry.  She achieved a Six Sigma Greenbelt in 2009, completed an Integrated Supply Chain Leadership Development Program in 2010 at Honeywell Aerospace and accepted a management role at Curtiss-Wright Sensors & Controls prior to her 27th birthday.  

Ms. Garcia has successfully led four site transitions, ranging in annual revenue from $10M to $60M.  These assignments included internationally outsourcing product.  Diane was responsible for all supply chain decisions within these product transfers.  To ensure the success of each process redesign, she assembled and directed cross functional teams.  The teams were specifically chosen after her analysis of stakeholder activity.  

Diane also led an SAP software implementation at Honeywell, a Fortune 500 company.  After training with independent consultants, she developed an understanding of the software and dispersed that throughout the aerospace division.  She accomplished this by creating standard operating procedures and training colleagues.  ERP implementations can be overwhelming.  Diane’s capabilities prove a path to success.

Her natural capacity to guide and mentor blossomed Diane’s strong people skills.  She prides herself on feedback from former Curtiss-Wright manager Cody Owens, Director of Materials, explaining she “has the best soft skills” he has ever seen.   
Diane actively participates in the delivery of solutions by assessing current state and analyzing business requirements.  She can clearly articulate any action plan to develop and sustain complex supply chains.