SERVICE LEVELS: A precision machining provider struggled to eliminate chronic past dues and improve performance on late deliveries to a key customer.  Future business was at risk if a full recovery was not quickly achieved…read more


ACCURATE MATERIAL: An aerospace component manufacturer experienced excess inventory and future projections highlighted further buildup.  Executives explored cost reduction strategies to lower capital.  Careful to avoid a negative impact to annual sales, we searched for an optimal solution….read more


RELIABLE STOCK: A shift in manufacturing locations disrupted a defense supplier’s stockroom footprint and record keeping.  This led to misplaced product, late customer deliveries and missed sales…read more


INCREASING SALES:  A leading aerospace manufacturer wished to improve customer satisfaction both internally and externally.  Executives agreed an improved SIOP (Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning) process would lead to better management of sales activities, inventory, resources and production planning…read more


TRANSITIONS:  A defense contractor’s rapid growth and cost reduction strategies propelled an offshoring transition project.  The transferring of inventory parallel to production proved to be a complex challenge for Materials Management.  Within six months, leadership grew concerned of increased supply chain disruptions.  This crucial implementation required swift decision making and effective coordination…read more


EMPLOYEE CARE:  Senior management at a global commercial manufacturing company encountered a low level of employee engagement.  Employee Engagement survey results identified low morale, which was thought to be a contributor to poor site performance…read more